Like many areas across the country, Manchester has illegal levels of air pollution on local roads across all ten local authority areas in Greater Manchester (GM).
This affects everyone's health, particularly the most vulnerable people in our society: deprived communities, children, elderly people and those with chronic conditions like stroke, heart disease, lung cancer and asthma.
The Greater Manchester Clean Air Zone has planned a clean air zone to help combat the pollution. The zone is to be introduced in two phases (from 30 May 2022 and 1 June 2023) to give vehicle owners more time to upgrade.


Phase 1 (30 May 2022): Daily charges for non-compliant HGVs, buses, and non-Greater Manchester licensed taxis and private hire vehicles.


Phase 2 (1 June 2023): Daily charges for non-compliant vans, coaches (on application), light goods vehicles (LGVs), minibuses, Greater Manchester-licensed hackney cabs and private hire vehicles.


At H&M Distribution, we have always strived to find solutions to the challenge of climate change, while also delivering competitive pricing to our customers. Our goal is to be a responsible logistics provider utilising a modern and environmentally friendly fleet.


Our fleet of LGV and HGV vehicles are made up of Super-Efficient Euro 6 engine's which puts out a minimal amount of CO2 whilst remaining best in class for fuel economy and reliability.


This means we are automatically compliant with the emissions set by the Clean Air Zone and so will not be charged any daily charge. This cost-saving is then passed on to all of our clients, helping to keep their transport costs down.
“At H&M Distribution we are always striving to be as eco friendly as we can. We have a fleet policy which keeps us renewing our vehicles every 3 to 5 years to ensure the emission are a low as possible and we are continuing to look into the possibilities of alternative fuels.”
Dean Woodyer - Managing Director