For Amazon FBA sellers and vendors. The most cost-effective way to send pallets to Amazon

fulfilment centres. Hassle-free, simple to use, cost-effective.

How can you actually use this?

We can easily send pallets of your goods to Amazon fulfilment centres for you. No carrier booking is required. As an approved carrier network we handle your delivery from start to finish.

How can this service help me?

We save you time by booking your delivery in for you. No need to do anything in carrier central.

Select your goods going to the fulfilment centre in Amazon Seller Central. Label your products. Get a quote and checkout with us. We collect, arrange delivery to FC and deliver for you. No need to do anything further on your side.

Anything else?

Yes! The price per pallet space goes down as you send more pallets. Talk to us about your requirements.

HOW TO....

What details to supply to us;

Customers’ need to ensure that their local depot are provided with the relevant details needed to arrange a booking in with Amazon, this information needs to include:Here are a few of the good reasons to consider us as your local service provider:

• Reference number – this can be an FBA, ARN, PRO, BOL or shipment ID number example FBA15C9LR19T • Purchase order number - example 7HRMPC8B • CRDD – Carrier required due date

• Vendors name

• Number of units

• Number of cartons

The process for Amazon deliveries

• All consignments must have an appointment requested in Amazon’s CARP System which is entered by the delivery depot using the references supplied by the customer, this is to be arranged within the required delivery due date.

• Amazon Carrier central will email an appointment confirmation to the delivery depot which will include a unique appointment reference.

• The booking is entered on the Palletways system, so it is visible for customers. It contains the Amazon appointment reference, date and time of booking.

• On the day of delivery, the driver will confirm arrival and proof of delivery will be uploaded to the portal.