Dear members,

As you certainly know, Italy is now facing a tough time due to the Covid-19 spread all over the Country.

Yesterday our (Italian) Government issued a new Legislative Decree, ratifying that only the alimentary shops and gross retail chains will stay open, in order to guarantee the access to basic necessities. All other commercial activities, such as pubs, restaurants, shops etc., will be closed as a containment measure. The Government suggested also to close all the other industrial activities weather possible.

Therefore, following the new Decree and in order to fully support our Country, Palletways Italy decided to suspend the transport of freight not included in the food and beverage, basic necessities and relief goods listed in the Decree and, moreover, not to accept, for the time being, consignments heading to the above mentioned closed delivery points.

We ask you to make sure that the Italian consignees are actually open and not to ship consignments heading to closed delivery points.

Please inform also all your Members that timed and fixed date deliveries will not be guaranteed and that, for the reasons explained above, we can currently accept only the basic necessities shipments and consignments destinated to verified open delivery points.

This decision will allow our Network to prioritize the deliveries of necessary freight, avoiding to engulf our Members and the Italian Hubs with undeliverable shipments and letting us organizing in the best and fastest way possible the deliveries to the alimentary shops and to the gross retail chains.

We fully trust in your support and comprehension in this difficult situation,

Thank you.

Kind regards

Cordiali Saluti

 Massimiliano Peres

Chief Executive Officer

Palletways Italia Spa