The French Federation of Road Hauliers (FNTR) and French merchants announced an “unlimited” blocking of the Motorway A16 until the dismantling of the “Jungle” in Calais starting on the 5th of September 2016.

They have stated that this is to continue until the French government announces a date for the dismantling of the Northern part of the jungle which is having a very negative impact on drivers, local residents and business.

This ongoing strike will have an impact on all cross channel movements which will cause delays in transit times and in turn affect the availability of equipment.

Our friends at Palletways have warned as of 5/09/16 ; “Please note that the strike announced below has started this morning, and operations stack is currently in place in Calais just next to the tunnel’s terminals as well as in the Highway A-16, directed to the Eurotunnel. See attached info from the euro tunnel agency for more details. The flow of the traffic ex and to UK is completely blocked, there are human blockades even in the alternative roads (for example in the road from Lille to Dunkirk).

The government did not reach any agreement yet with the protesters.

All pallets loaded last week from origin hubs to UK which did not cross the channel over the week-end + any pallet which will be loaded tonight from and to UK, will be affected by delays. We are expecting this strike to continue all week, but we will send you a daily update and try to reduce the impact on the distribution as much as we can”